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Marketing Materials

A set of 10 postcards and 4 posters advertising ELCA early childhood centers, elementary and middle schools. Professionally designed artwork and layout delivered on a CD with files that can be personalized with your school's information and either commercially printed or printed in-house. Regular price = $195, including shipping. Member price (please log in) = $95, including shipping.
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O Come Let Us Worship

This chapel resource, written and compiled by Mary Fetter, contains one calendar year of chapel themes and includes a corresponding Bible verse, order for the chapel service, activities, chapel center ideas, and much more. Versatile resource that can be used year after year and focuses on the young child. Regular price = $29.50. Member price (please log in) = Free.
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When I Play I Learn

FULL COLOR POSTER: Children learn as they play; children need time to grow, learn and develop. This happens through play with young children. This poster helps parents under this aspect of learning. A helpful tool for early childhood parent conferences. Regular price = $3.50 each, postage included. Member price (please log in) = $1.75 each, postage included.
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